Siletz Tribal Elders Stipend Program

Siletz Managment, LLC manages the Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians Elder Stipend Program. If you have questions about your stipend dispursment please contact us at 877-564-7298. If you have question in regards to other Elders services please contact the CTSI Administrator office at 800-922-1399.

Change of Address

To update your information please contact:


Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians
Administrative Office

Toll Free: 1-800-922-1399


Toll Free: 1-877-564-7298

SMLLC Change of Address Form

Mailed Stipend Distribution

Elder Stipend Payments are mailed on the last day of the month. Should the last day of the month fall on a weekend day or holiday the checks are mailed the day before. The Stipend Checks are always dated the first of the month. Siletz Management, Inc. cannot guarantee you will receive your checks on the 1st due to time it takes the post office to deliver, inclimate weather conditions, holidays and/or weekends.


Direct Deposit of Elders Stipend

Direct Deposit

To get your Elders Stipend Direct deposited into you bank account:

  • Contact Siletz Management, LLC at 877-564-7298 to request a Direct Deposit form or download it below. The Direct Deposit form must be filled out completely, signed and returned to our office before the direct deposit will be effective.
  • Direct Deposits will post to your account on the first day of the month, unless the first falls on a weekend. If this happens, your payment will usually post the first banking day following the first (usually Monday) unless it is a holiday and the banks are closed.
  • There are some banking institutions that will accept direct deposit on the weekend, so you will need to check with your bank regarding their policy.
  • Direct Deposit Form

Stipend Maturity Age Bracket

Age Range Amount per month
55 to 61 $100.00
62 to 69 $200.00
70+ $300.00

Note:Each increase will take place on the First day of the month following the requisite birthday. For example, if you turn 70 on January 2nd you will receive your first $300 stipend on February 1.